Leverage the years of experience in our dedicated fleet/ direct store delivery group to your advantage!

We have extensive experience in designing and deploying dedicated fleets and direct store distribution solutions for both temperature controlled and dry van freight.  We handle a diversified portfolio of goods such as consumer items, perishable foods, flowers and building materials in dry van, reefer, and intermodal applications.

As a sourcer of dedicated fleet solutions or direct store distributor, you have a number of customer specific criteria that affect the design and implementation of the transportation solution that is best matched to your specific needs. 

Each solution starts with an analysis of your specific requirements, understanding the factors and influences that drive the changes in your business on an ongoing basis. A solution is then proposed, along with a key performance indicator listing, that is then reviewed with you to ensure that it meets your specific needs, as well as verifying that it measures the key success factors for your unique business. 

Ongoing evaluations and reviews ensure that the solution stays relevant to the changing needs of your market place, while ensuring that it is deployed at levels that reflect the best total cost for distribution. 

Our drivers are trained based on the specific requirements of your product mix, and can be certified to meet  your particular needs such as transportation of dangerous goods or specific loading or unloading requirements.

Dedicated Fleet Solutions…..another way you can Consider It Done.