Rail Transloading in Ontario

Reduce your shipping costs and optimize your supply chain while reducing your carbon footprint

Ready to get on the right track in Ontario?

Want to take advantage of the cost savings and environmental benefits of shipping by rail even though there are no railroad tracks either at your shipping facility or at your destination location in Ontario?

Consider rail transloading with Flash Freight.

Flash Freight Systems is a full-service, asset-based transportation and logistics provider based in Southwestern Ontario.

We offer a full suite of rail transloading services to manufacturers and distributors of high-volume products in the Great Lakes Region who want to reach markets within a 600-mile radius of Guelph, Ontario.

We have been transloading in one way or another since the early 1980s.


A Full Suite of Rail Transloading Services

  • Both Railroads

    Both Railroads

    Our transloading facility is uniquely serviced by both of Canada’s top railroads, CN and CP

  • Outdoor Storage

    Outdoor Storage

    Acres of outdoor storage for building materials

  • Fleet


    More than 50 trucks and 150 trailers for final delivery

  • Grain Silos

    Grain Silos

    More than a dozen silos for storing grains and commodities

  • Indoor Warehousing

    Indoor Warehousing

    200,000 sq/ft of warehousing space for skidded products

  • Packaging Service

    Packaging Service

    We can transfer your bulk commodities to 1,000 kg totes and 20 kg bags

  • Supply Chain Optimization

    Supply Chain Optimization

    Track your shipments in real-time from loading to delivery

  • Fulfilment & Inventory Management

    Fulfilment & Inventory Management

    We warehouse your products close to your markets, ship when needed, and notify you of remaining inventory levels


Benefits of rail transloading

Transloading is the process of transferring goods from one mode of transportation to another during the shipping process.

Rail transloading involves either unloading products from trucks onto rail cars, or unloading freight from rail cars onto trucks.

Rail transloading reduces your shipping costs because, per ton and per piece, rail is the most cost-effective way to ship your bulk freight.

Rail transloading also reduces your carbon footprint because rail is the most environmentally responsible transportation mode (up to four times more fuel efficient than shipping by truck).

With rail transloading, you trade time for cost. A rail car, after all, is slower than a truck. But it's a lot less expensive, too.

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Gain proximity to new markets

Flash Freight is strategically located near Highway 401 to give your company cost-effective access to markets in Ontario and the Great Lakes Region. We warehouse your products so that you always have inventory on hand when customers order.

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Double your choice (CN and CP access)

Unlike most trucking companies, Flash Freight’s rail transload facility in Guelph is serviced by both Canadian National Railway and Canadian Pacific Railway, giving you double the choice in rail providers.

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Enjoy price transparency

With Flash Freight, you encounter zero pricing surprises. Unlike competing firms, we include the cost of delivery to our site in the Class 1 Rail Rate. You pay no shortline railroad surcharges. Our pricing is simple and transparent (and lower).

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Improve supply chain agility

Because Flash Freight stores some of your product for you at our warehouse facilities, and maintains it in inventory in an unsold status, we help you deliver products to your customers more quickly (as soon as customers place their order). Our rail transloading service makes your supply chain more agile because it’s a lot easier for you to redirect a truck than it is to redirect a rail car.

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Increase supply chain visibility

Flash Freight helps you manage inventory across long and complex supply chains. You get access to real-time inventory levels (through API or EDI). We track all rail cars electronically, and update you on every shipment's progress from loading to unloading to delivery, including monitoring cars from origin to destination to ensure that railway holds are closely monitored.

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Meet your ESG mandates

Flash Freight’s rail transloading service helps you satisfy the demands of government regulators, shareholders, investors and other stakeholders who monitor your compliance with environmental, social, and governance best practices. If sustainability and compliance are more than just buzzwords for your stakeholders (and your lawyers), rail transloading with Flash Freight is the way to go

Ship by Rail Without Railroad Tracks

Whether you need to ship by centre-beam flat car, box car, tanker car, hopper car or pressure-differential car, Flash Freight has the expertise, trucking fleet, trailers, warehouse facilities and supply chain experience to get your products to your customers on time and cost effectively.





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